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Product Advantages
High-Accuracy Recognition
LightPDF uses machine learning technology to help you scan documents with industry-leading recognition accuracy. Even if the text is blurred or slanted, LightPDF can help you convert it into an editable format.
Easy and Fast Access & Development
There is no need for developers to learn OCR-related knowledge, just access the corresponding API data interface, you can operate according to the instructions, and easily complete the development.
Efficient Document Processing
Use LightPDF OCR's digital automation to help you speed up your project process, reduce complex manual data entry and human error, and reduce project cost.
Copious Usage Situations
LightPDF OCR supports multiple languages, in-depth processing of global personal licenses, enterprise licenses, bills, and various situations for different industries. It offers more than 200 identification products and customizations for different circumstances.
Display Effect
Customer Testimonials
In the publishing business, paper is often difficult to stand the test of time, that is, prone to damage and loss, and managing manuscripts can also be a chore. Therefore, we tend to use OCR technology to convert handwritten manuscripts into electronic files. The more paper documents we have, the more we need the help of OCR, which greatly improves the efficiency of editing and proofreading.
Press Editor
Through the LightPDF OCR API, our various forms, documents and contracts can be recognized and converted easily. Electronic documents make searching for documents easier. We have tested a variety of OCR products, and the LightPDF OCR can achieve an accuracy rate of more than 90%, which saves us a lot of time.
Senior Auditor
In the field of logistics, the LightPDF OCR API helps us extract data from document and bill. Documents such as transportation details, customer orders, invoices, etc., can be uniformly recognized and converted into electronic files using LightPDF OCR API. LightPDF OCR function not only supports English recognition, but also has excellent recognition effects on languages such as German, Japanese, and French.
E-commerce Business Analyst
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